The July 2020 Festival was a huge success with almost 400 singers from more than 25 countries. Make sure to sign-up below to get information about our next events!

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Do you miss singing in your choir?

All over the world social distancing has shut down events and gatherings. The fear of superspreading virus via singing is a real issue. Many choirs have restrictions or have completely shut down. This leaves many singers frustrated, aimless and lonely.

Is this how you feel?

  • I miss my choir friends and our singing community. I miss all the fun chats and the joy and excitement we used to share singing together in our choir.

  • My singing voice is getting out of shape. I am losing my range and strength. It is really quiet when I don't sing at the top of my lungs and express myself fully through music.

  • I long for learning new songs, new tips & tricks for singing and being a choir-singer. My toolbox is collecting dust.

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Meet Janne Wind, The Digital Choir Conductor from Denmark

...and hear what the Pop Choir Online Festival can do for you!

Well, something new is emerging. We have really been experimenting in Denmark

When all our choirs shut down in March, we started a Danish online Pop Choir. For 3 months, we have had an amazing time, singing and networking together. We are now ready to share this with a global community of singers from choirs all over the world.

Have you heard of the Danish concept of "Hygge"? You can join our Pop Choir Online Community and experience it in your own body, with your own voice!

  • "Pop Choir Online saved me from a deep dark lonely place. I am so surprised how much fun it has been"

  • "Who could have imagined that singing online could be so fulfilling? I have new choir-friends from all over. People I feel connected to and I truly care for. Just from singing and chatting together every week online."

  • "We cannot HEAR each other online - but we can FEEL each other online. It makes me think of a vocal comfort blanket - and I really need that during this lock-down."

  • "Our choir-conductor Janne is amazing. The energy flows through our small screens and into our living-rooms. I get the same endorphin-kick every time, just as I do when I sing in my usual choir."

Meet Your Digital Choir Conductor

Your Digital Choir Conductor

Janne Wind

With more than 25 years of experience as a choir conductor, soloist and singer all over the world, Janne Wind has developed a strong profile as a mass choir conductor, and has a unique and strong foundation for her innovative and vibrant leadership style. She has guided choirs and singers in developing their identity and sound with unwavering dedication to making each singer the best that he or she can be. The goal is to let love for music, strong performance and vocal skills shine. Key words are energy, joy, fun, personal development and great experiences. All of this is achieved as she always shows up with a toolbox full of relevant and useful tips and tricks to support singers individually and collectively.

Among her many and diverse choirs, Janne heads the largest choir in Denmark, ODEONs Rytmiske Kor (ODEON’s Rhythmic Choir) which has more than 1000 singers. During the Covid-19 lockdown, she applied her innovative skills to address the needs of the many choir singers who were faced with the closing down of their respective choirs. The result was the establishment of what may be the world’s first online Pop Choir with 250 Danish singers. It became increasingly clear that the needs of choir singers were not limited to the Danish choir scene, and this spurred the expansion of the concept to the international scene with the Pop Choir Online Festival 2020.

Janne Wind is a certified choir conductor from the University of Copenhagen and she graduated as a soloist and singer from the Danish Rhythmic Music Conservatory.

Frequently Asked Questions

...and please don't hesitate to post any question you may have in the Facebook-group!

  • Do I need a microphone or video equipment to participate? Can anyone hear me sing?

    NO - you will not be seen or heard by other singers in the online choir. Everyone sings from home on their own terms. You will see and hear the digital choir-conductor Janne Wind on screen and have her audio, as well as the music and 3-part choir harmonies to guide you and sing along with.

  • I have never sung in a choir before, or I cannot read music - can I still join?

    YES! All performance or experience levels as regards to choir participation are WELCOME! The choir arrangements are rehearsed with instruction and guidance during the four-day Festival. You have access to audio files (if you would like to practice on your own) and the level of difficulty is tailored to include as many singers from different cultures as possible. If you love singing, you are qualified!

  • I am not really good at English. Can I still participate?

    Janne Wind teaches in English. She is careful to speak loudly and clearly, and fellow singers will be able to help translate or support you in the chat during the rehearsals and workshops. Come and hang out - we will help each other make it work, no matter what your native language is! The language of music is universal!

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